Would you want a photographer at your proposal?

So this part has nothing to do with us ladies (well call me old fashioned but, I would hope not anyway) . Your man traditionally tends to arrange the proposal, but the big question lies in, what length does he go to?!

Would you want a planted photographer there to capture the moment you said yes? Or would you want to have an intimate proposal and simply a nice memory to look back on?

Proposals are naturally a subjective experience and something that is different for every couple, but how would you feel if your partner dropped to one knee in the middle of a cinema or a packed restaurant?

As much as I love hearing stories of a well thought out proposal, would you really want to share the moment with lots of strangers?

Personally I’m torn when it comes to proposal ideas because on the one hand I’d love the big dramatic proposal but on the complete flip side I’d like something small and intimate just with my other half so we can share the special moment together.

One thing is for sure, it’s a good job I don’t have to make this decision because I would be totally useless haha. I think when it comes down to it the most important thing is for your other half to make effort for you, no matter how big or small. Effort is everything.

What kind of proposal would you prefer?

Vix X



Gretna Green

Weddings are not the easiest to organise, which is why I’ve discussed the temptation of eloping on here previously. 

I totally understand why some couples decide just to run away and just make the wedding about the two of them, or have a tiny handful of guests they choose to spend their special day with. 

So it only seemed fitting to discuss where the idea of eloping started: Gretna Green. As much as I’d heard of Gretna Green, I didn’t really understand where the history and idea of marrying there came from.

So i’ve done my research so you don’t have to.

It turns out in the 18th century, marriage laws were changed so that you couldn’t get married before the age of 21 without parents permission. Aside from this, you also had to marry within a church.

Scottish law, however, was different and only required two witnesses and a declaration from the couple that they were both free to marry. This led to an increase in couples eloping to Scotland so that they were allowed to marry without their parents permission.

The reason Gretna Green was so popular is because Gretna was the first village you would reach in Scotland when you crossed the border, meaning that couples didn’t have to venture too far out of England before they could legally tie the knot. It was also conveniently located on the main route from London to Scotland so thousands made the journey just so they could marry.

Often the family of the bride to be would be in hot pursuit of the couple to try and stop the marriage happening, so by getting married as soon as they crossed the border at Gretna Green, would avoid being caught and stopped before they married.

So there you have it, if any of you are considering eloping, now you know where the history of eloping to Gretna Green came from!

If you’re a traditionalist yourself, rather than eloping abroad somewhere, maybe consider Gretna and enjoy the rich history it offers.

Vix X

Birthday on Ice

Hi guys,

So I’ve had the most incredible week and I’ve been so busy I haven’t had much time to post. (I’m on my way home from a weekend in Wales at the moment with the parents) .

As some of you might know, last weekend was my birthday weekend and my lovely boyfriend arranged a surprise day out for me. Some of you might have seen a few hints of my birthday weekend through Instagram stories but I thought I would give you a bit of an insight into what I actually got up to.

So my birthday weekend began after finishing work on the Friday, and my boyfriend took me for dinner at Pizza Express to kick start my birthday weekend.

Saturday was the surprise day, I had no idea what I was doing, all I was told is that I needed to wear sports clothes. I mean, that doesn’t narrow it down much ha. I thought, am I being taken to the gym for my birthday? we are quite active anyway so I enjoy doing extreme sports etc. but I genuinely had no clue at all.

So after a train ride of complete suspense, we arrived at Covent Garden, which did nothing except confuse me even more. I’m thinking, what on earth requires sports clothes in Covent Garden?!

Then my boyfriend took me into Ellis Brigham, he said to have a quick look at some snowboarding wear before my surprise. So we head inside, and right to the back of the store, where there happened to be a ten foot ice climbing wall haha. Instantly, it became a lot clearer why sports clothes were mentioned. I’ve never been a fan of things like rock climbing so I automatically felt a bit negative about it, but I’m the kind of person who will always give something a try and be happy to be proven wrong.

So we got changed into our snow wear (it turns out the ice wall chamber was -6, so staying warm was essential). Then we had to put crampons over our climbing boots before we head into the chamber for a briefing on how to climb the wall. We were given ice axes and taught how to hit them into the wall so that they were secure. A few hits later (it turns out i’m really not great at hitting ice axes into ice walls haha) and I was ready to go.

On my first try I managed to get about 3 steps up before I had a mini meltdown because I couldn’t work out how to move my legs to the next step ha. I came down and let my boyfriend get stuck in and in the mean time learnt better techniques to climb higher. On my third go I managed to get three quarters of the way up the wall before cramp in my legs wouldn’t let me go any further.

It was a great surprise and as much as I wasn’t sure what to expect to begin with, after persevering, it proved to be so much fun and I was so glad I had continued.

After one hour on the ice wall, it was time for the second part of my surprise, which turned out to be the London Transport Museum. This might not suit everyone, but I’m a secret massive geek when it comes to tube stations and I find it fascinating looking at how old the underground network actually is. So naturally I was really excited to head in.

As we head up in the lift to the start of the museum tour, the ‘floor counter’ displayed the date decreasing as though we were going back in time to the 1800s. We arrived at our floor and read through all the history of horse drawn carriages and onto the beginning of tube trains. They even have carriages there at the museum that you can go and sit in, it was fascinating seeing where it all began.

One of my favourite parts was driving the tube train simulator, I wasn’t giving the kids a look in, I mean it was my birthday after all haha.

After about 4 hours in the museum (I did say were geeks), we head out to grab some food and ended up in Bodeans in Covent Garden. If you haven’t been there before, its definitely one to check out. They serve American BBQ style food, so think BBQ burnt ends, ribs, cornbread etc. It’s so good and the best burnt ends i’ve had in London.

We skipped dessert and decided to head to somewhere a little bit more familiar, the Magnum Pleasure Store (rude not to). So we had our Magnums freshly dipped in a double layer of chocolate and covered in a topping of our choice. If you haven’t been before, it’s well worth the experience and, I mean, who doesn’t love ice cream, especially when it’s topped with fresh melted chocolate.

I’m sure you can appreciate that it was a great but full on day, but my birthday weekend continued even more than this (I was SO spoilt) and as this blog post is already huge, I thought I’d split the post across two days.

Check out my blog post tomorrow to find out what came next.

Vix X

Sorry guys

So I will admit, I’ve been a bit, well, very, rubbish this week on my blogging game. As you will already know if you visit my blog/Insta/Facebook, it was my birthday on Monday, following on from a great birthday weekend that my boyfriend planned. I ate SO much food and cake over the weekend and Monday, that I think I’ve been in a sugar coma this week, I must admit.

I would say I’ve been lazy, but work has been busy and I haven’t had a great deal of time on my hands. Between celebrating, working and looking for my next job (that’s the freelancing life for you) there hasn’t been much time for the blogosphere. So I thought I would come clean and just say ‘yup I’ve been rubbish this week’ 🙌💁

so apologies for the lack of content this week, I promise I will get back on my game and I will reveal all about my birthday weekend in my next post.

Vix X

Happy Birthday to Meeee!

It’s my birthday! Yayy!

I love birthdays and although I’m working today I’m looking forward to a work lunch out with the girls, followed by an evening dinner with my favourite people ❤️

I’ve had an amazing weekend and had been utterly spoiled by the man in my life. He’s really has made such an effort 😍

You may have seen some of what I’ve been up to in my Instagram stories but tomorrow I will be putting up a post all about what I was surprised with at the weekend.

Come back tomorrow to find out what I’ve been up to 🙌

Vix X



Avoiding ‘Bridezilla’

Yes, wedding planning can be fun, it can be stressful and most of all it can be life consuming, but when does it all become too much?

If you’re finding yourself unable to think about anything else, and your friends have stopped replying to your Whatsapps, it’s probably time you stepped away from the wedding planner and had some ‘you time’.

As much as it’s lovely for friends to get excited for you, there is a line, and when you cross it you will experience the classic ‘eye glaze’. The moment your friend looks like she’s listening but she’s gone to a safe place to avoid any more talk of veils and wedding shoes. The lights are on but nobody is home.

When this happens you need a dose of fun in your life so forget the wedding talk, forget budgets and venues and head out to do whatever makes you laugh most with those you love most.

Life is too short to forget what’s important and besides, if you get too involved with wedding planning you are heading for an almighty bump back to earth as soon as the wedding is over. So do yourself a favour and keep it real.

You are only human and you’re not perfect, so stop trying to be, take the pressure off and enjoy the build up.

Vix X

DIY Weddings

The word millenial is often used as a derogatory comment these days, but like them or loathe them, millenials have brought a whole new element of creative flair to weddings.

More people are creating DIY weddings than ever before, and with everything  ‘wedding’ related so expensive these days, why the hell not?!

The most common DIY wedding items to make are invitations, wedding favours and decorations.

With this new found love for creativity in weddings, naturally couples are putting their own personalities into their weddings a whole heap more often. I love this, I don’t know about you but a wedding without personality is a dull one in my book. Why not have a bit of creative flair in there? Not only are you more likely to save money, but you will have fun doing it.

Arts & Crafts activities like making invitations are actually really satisfying and therapeutic. Also you can make it into fun activities by getting some of your nearest and dearest involved to speed up the process.

If you want to go a step further. Okay, a huge step further. You could always think about creating your own bespoke wedding.

For the legal bit you have to go along with tradition for the most part as legal weddings can only happen in licensed venues. However, after the main ceremony, the worlds your oyster, you can effectively hold a wedding ‘party’ anywhere. So if planning your entire wedding DIY style appeals to you, start brainstorming and get stuck in. It’s a lot of fun.

Perhaps it’s not so bad being a millenial after all.

Vix X


Puppy Love.

So I just read an article which made me very happy.

This particular article featured a couple who decided to ditch tradition in favour of puppies. Yes, puppies! There are few things these days that make me excited but puppies are definitely one of them!

As the bride volunteers at a dog shelter, she decided to ditch the bouquet for her bridal party in favour of puppies. This decision was to shine a spotlight on puppy adoption, promoting adoption instead of buying from breeders or pet shops.

I love this idea! Plus I can’t even explain how excited I would be if even a handful of puppies turned up to my wedding! Hello perfect guest entertainer! This would be SO perfect for the time between the ceremony and reception where everybody has a little time to kill while the reception is organised.

The couple also organised a donation to the shelter instead of their wedding favours. What a cute idea!

Anybody else currently re-writing their wedding day bucket list to include puppies?!

Vix X

Beware of the Wedding Scammers

As much as I am an advocate for landing yourself a great wedding bargain, some caution does need to be exercised when preparing for your big day.

Professional scammers have of course, cottoned on to the huge cost of weddings and the potential financial gain they could get from wedding day deception.

Police have recently stated that wedding scams are on the rise with 600 reported in the past six months alone, so it’s best to be on your guard when booking your big day. Crimes relate to venues, catering, dresses and other crucial services sold online.

So what can you look out for to insure you don’t fall prey to this kind of scam?

Well nothing is ever completely fool proof and the first thing to consider is that scammers are good at what they do, so don’t fall into the trap of thinking, ‘no that wouldn’t happen to me, i’d know’. No, you wouldn’t. If scammers weren’t good, they wouldn’t get very far. They’re often convincing characters, they might come across as really lovely but of course they will, they’re trying to dupe you.

Common scams include taking money for dressing venues and seemingly pocketing the majority of the money, leaving you with a very basic, sparsely dressed room. Imagine paying for champagne and getting basic value lemonade. Yep, not cool.

Then there are scams where couples have purchased a buffet package from unscrupulous vendors, then when they have turned up they have been served basic custard cream biscuits and doughnuts still in supermarket packaging.

Wedding dresses feature as another scam, particularly online. Seemingly ‘real’ dress designers charge up to £1000 for a ‘bespoke’ wedding dress, only for the bride to be devastated on arrival when it’s realised that really it’s a dress from the Chinese online marketplace retailing at around £100.

I’ve put together a list of things you can do to help safe guard against falling for one of these scams:

  • Do your research. Sounds obvious enough, but check out your suppliers’ credentials, do they have a big long list of satisfied feedback from their customers? If they don’t, start thinking why.


  • Ask for proof of previous work, that means genuine photographs of previous work. It’s also worth looking at Google Images and having a check that the photographs you have been sent haven’t just been lifted from the first page. Equally, Pinterest can be a good place to check out images as it’s an easy place to steal images from.


  • Make sure you visit your venue. If it’s a wedding venue you are booking, make sure you go and see it in person, don’t just book it blind, in case there are pitfalls you really weren’t expecting.


  • If an image looks too good to be true, just think that there is a possibility that it could be.


  • Ask around, personal recommendations go a long way. If you know somebody who has had a good experience with a particular venue or supplier, it’s worth a lot.


  • Pay on credit card. We all know we’re best doing this when it comes to booking a holiday, but extend this to booking your wedding. If you have the misfortune to come across a fraudster while planning your wedding, with a credit card you can potentially recall the payment, something which you could end up being very thankful for. Paying via credit card, leaves you with better legal protection.


  • Look for trusted sources such as suppliers associated with trusted wedding sites or recommended by credible bloggers and influencers.


  • Check out Google Street View. If you have a venue address, check it out on Google Street View and check it is what you thought it would be.


  • Google suppliers and see what others are saying about them. You can usually guarantee, when people are unhappy about something, they like to shout about it. So check what other people are saying, it might just save you from falling victim.


  • Price is often a good indication of quality. Not always admittedly but if something is dramatically less than the usual market price, question why. Yes, you could have just found yourself bargain of the century but just do a bit more research and check all is above board before you accept it as Good Luck.

So there you have it, as I say, it’s not fool proof but you can do yourself a lot of favours by being savvy and just simply questioning things that seem too good to be true.

Vix X


What does a TV Producer, actually do?


Good question, well the answer to this question is that, in reality, a TV producer wears many different hats.

I decided to write this post as it’s the most common thing i’m asked so I thought I would explain a bit more about what I actually do.

Okay so I’m a TV Producer, but when it comes down to it, what does that mean? Well, there are many different kinds of TV Producers, but for me, I primarily cast people, ordinary people with big personalities, to take part in TV shows. That’s only part of my job though, sometimes my role is to ‘forward plan’ which means finding and booking filming locations and planning and scheduling shoots.

Or other times it could be going on location and filming an interview or it could be working hard to gain access to an unseen world. Every time you watch a TV show that’s set somewhere weird and wonderful- think ‘Secret Life Of The Tube’ or ‘Secret Life of the Zoo’ etc. Behind the scenes I would guarantee there has been a TV producer or even a team of producers working hard to try to secure access to make their show somewhere wonderful.

So I’m sure you can see by now that it isn’t the kind of job where you can just say ‘I do X’ because it’s a role that changes fairly dramatically for every single job I do. I am a freelance producer so this means I could start my year working on a wedding show, then go onto a show about new build houses and then finish up the year on a food show, followed by a glitzy entertainment series. It is such a varied job but one thing is for sure; it is NOT glamorous.

I’m thankful for my time in TV because it teaches you SO many great skills. For example, thanks to TV I’m the kind of person who never has to worry about any form of social interaction, even with strangers. It’s my job to meet SO many varied characters (and trust me, I meet some characters) so I’m not scared of standing up in front of a crowd and making a speech, or being sat next to somebody I’ve never met at a wedding. Why?! Because it’s my job to make people feel at ease and to act like they’re my best friend within 2 minutes of meeting them.

I suppose when you take time to actually think about it, it’s probably a bit weird. People probably think ‘whose the overfriendly girl?’.

But as much as the role of a TV Producer can be a real mixed bag, like any other day job. it does mean I’ve been taught the ability to get on with literally anyone.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have, I realise that to many it’s not your average profession but after 7 years in the industry, to me it’s just work. Sometimes I still wake up and wish I could have just another hour in bed, or even that I could win the lottery so I don’t have to work. But don’t we all.

Vix X