‘I don’t know what I want’

Do you know what? Nor do I.

You might think after working on countless TV weddings that i would have been inspired to know EXACTLY what i want. Afraid Not. I’m going on a bit of a journey along with you to discover what kind of wedding i want. I know i don’t want it to be completely traditional. but that’s all i know.

I don’t know about you but i think there’s a bit of a myth, particularly for ladies, that we grow up longingly watching princess films and know from the age of three how we want our fairy tail wedding to be. In reality, that’s not strictly true. Not every girl grows up dreaming of their wedding day having had it all mentally planned out for a long time, and that’s okay.

Don’t let the pressure get to you, just take your time to work out what you want for yourselves. After all, it’s your day nobody else’s so enjoy creating it.

Equally, perhaps some of you will have grown up knowing exactly what you want. feel free to comment below on the types of weddings you’re all thinking of creating.



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