Alternative VS Traditional.

Which heading do you fall under? We’ve all been to beautiful weddings, wether it be a stunning five star hotel with a beautiful array of chair covers and table decorations to boot or a quaint registry office with a handful of guests. The size of the wedding doesn’t determine quality. But what if something about conventional weddings just doesn’t strike a chord with you?

Are you quite a quirky individual who sees themselves as breaking the mould? or do you like a hint of tradition mixed with a hint of something a bit more unusual? There is no right or wrong way to create a wedding and everybody is different.

In my time working on TV weddings, i have been involved in hollywood themed weddings, survivalist weddings in remote locations, beach weddings, a wedding at a site of historical importance, a wedding on a skate ramp and in an underground cave. That’s just a hint of some of the weird and wonderful wedding themes i have been lucky enough to be involved in.

Personally, I love unusual weddings, i’m not a fan of picking a ‘package’ out of a wedding catalogue and i’m far more interested in building my own so i can have a bespoke wedding. Some may think building their own bespoke wedding sounds like an extra cost they can do without but what many future brides might not know is that to build your own unconventional wedding, you can bring it in UNDER budget. In fact you can often lower the cost so that it significantly reduces the cost to beneath that of package weddings.

Keep reading on for ways on reducing your wedding costs X

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