No Idea is too big.

One of the things I have often heard from others wishing to plan an alternative wedding is the worry that their idea is too big, or ‘out there’. The question ‘how would you even do that?’ comes up regularly. Well, I can say from experience, no idea is too big. Yes if you want a wedding while wing-walking on a moving aeroplane, there probably isn’t a wedding planner you have on speed-dial to achieve this.

However, if you RESEARCH, the world is absolutely your oyster. I would normally approach this by finding out where you can wing walk in your country of choice. Who specialises in this? there may be a few different companies. Give them a call, ask them if it’s been done before and see if they would work with you to make it achievable. Often, even if it is a random request, if you put in the research and call to find out everything you can, those in the know will help you to make it achievable. Even if you are contacting the wrong people, they will usually put you in touch with those who can help you.

Let them know your wedding budget, it could be that they can help you to come up with a way you can bring your wedding in for the right amount of money. If you don’t ask you don’t get. This is just an example, you can truly create any wedding you fancy as long as you research and find out all your can about it before hand.

Okay, if you wanted a wing walking wedding, this wouldn’t be a legal wedding in the UK but more than ever couples are opting for non legal ceremonies in order to achieve exciting weddings. Different countries have different rules regarding marriage, for example, you can get married anywhere outdoors in Scotland as long as it’s a safe place. Always do your research to find out what the rules are in your wedding country of choice but remember anything is possible.

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