Caterpillar Cake- Great Value or Great Rip Off?

You may have seen the media coverage lately, but, incase you haven’t, M&S has introduced a new friend for popular cake favourite ‘Colin the Caterpillar’.

Great idea I hear you say. And actually, I agree. It’s a great idea and actually brilliant to introduce a quirky, yet fun wedding cake for those on a budget. You can’t help but smile when somebody in your office has a classic birthday caterpillar cake and i’m quite sure the same sentiment will be held for couples who have Colin and his bride Connie adorning their cake table at their wedding.

The Daily Mirror has rather explicitly let their feelings known on the topic.

Love it or loathe it, It does feel a bit pricey when you consider the Giant Colin The Caterpillar birthday cake from M&S comes in at £35 while Tesco’s regular birthday cake ‘Curly The Caterpillar’ comes in at only £5. That’s a mark up of £15 presumably because it’s a wedding cake. Now that’s something that seems to be a common theme in the wedding industry. Weddings do tend to inflate ordinary prices to eye watering levels.

What are your thoughts on Colin and Connie? Great Value or Great Rip Off?


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