The Hidden Gem

The rise of the humble Village Hall as a wedding venue.

Many might recoil in horror at the thought of holding their wedding reception at their local village hall but it genuinely can be a great cost effective option. In our decidedly tight economic climate in recent years, it’s no wonder that The Village Hall is making itself known as a more popular than you might think, wedding venue.

Depending where you live and what your village hall looks like, they can be a quaint, decidedly British way to host a ‘WI-esque’ almost vintage style wedding.

Most Village Halls have kitchen facilities which means caterers would not need to bring their own equipment with them.

The stumbling block would be to check if they have a license to serve alcohol on the premise or make sure you book in enough time that you may be able to apply for a temporary license.

For those on a budget the humble village hall can provide a great opportunity to dress a blank space for considerably less money than traditional wedding venues.

So if you’re on a tight budget- check out your local village halls now.


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