Eloping? Do or Don’t?

When it comes down to it, planning your wedding is likely to be expensive and it’s true to say that everyone will have their opinion on what you should do for your special day. The grass is always greener, and many of you may have thought ‘do I just forget the big white wedding and just elope?’.

I totally understand why this is tempting but before you decide to hop on a plane with your other half to your quaint island wedding, take a moment to think about the following:

1. Will your family and friends be upset if they can’t be there to witness your big day? If the answer is no, then fair enough but if the fall out could cause a lot of trouble, it’s worth thinking it through before making your decision.

2. Have you always dreamt of a big traditional wedding? If so, don’t let go of your dreams just because relatives are getting on your nerves, keep it in perspective.

3. Will you look back and be disappointed that you didn’t stick with your dream big white wedding? If you won’t, then go for it but nobody wants to look back and regret, as let’s be honest, you only want to do it once.

On the plus I can imaging eloping would feel like such an exciting adventure and the fact not many know what you’re doing would make it all the more thrilling.

Eloping would massively keep costs down and avoid the planning stresses of a large wedding but remember the grass isn’t always greener and Eloping can bring about new stresses such as who you tell.

Whatever you decide, do it for yourself, don’t be pushed into it from over zealous relatives. Most of all, enjoy it! It’s YOUR Day!

Vix X

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