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So if you’ve seen my Twitter or Instagram lately, it’s no secret that I went to The Magnum ‘Daring in Fashion’ Trend Talks with former Stylist Magazine fashion editor, Lucy Reber.  I arrived after work a little flustered if the truth be told, I got lost en route and was stressing out that I was going to miss the start. Luckily my Google Maps got me there in plenty of time (thank god for phones) and I was soon greeted by a non-alcoholic raspberry cocktail (it was a school night after all).

My first port of call, was of course to join the personalised Magnum queue, I mean hello amazing double coated magnum with peanut butter coating and a raspberry and hibiscus topping. I’m always the first in the food queue anyway, but I was there like a rat up a drain pipe ha.

The Perfect Magnum combination.

Once I had my Magnum in hand, I sat excitedly with fellow bloggers Sanoobar from Sanoobar Unscripted and Jess from Jessica Tigerlily. It was lovely to see the ladies and we were all excited to hear what Lucy had to say about her style. As former fashion editor of Stylist Magazine, we couldn’t wait to hear her thoughts on the upcoming fashion season.

Lucy Reber former fashion editor of Stylist Magazine talks us through daring fashion through the ages.

It was great to see Lucy talking in person. As a well respected editor in the fashion community, I was looking forward to taking away some style tips. Lucy spoke of how bold and daring fashion has always been a talking point at the forefront of the media, from the post-war era straight through to that Madonna outfit, everybody knows.

Lucy talks through AW17 trends.

Lucy’s talk was really insightful and she gave us a bit of a sneak preview into upcoming trends for autumn/winter this year. The theme seemed to be bold colours teamed with subtle pieces to complete an overall striking look.

Retro 70s was another theme discussed during Lucy’s talk.

So it turns out the 70’s are going to be making a comeback come autumn/winter. Lucy’s top tip was to include a retro piece with some plainer staple items to make a statement, but so that your look isn’t overbearing.

Once Lucy had finished giving us the fashion inspiration we needed, it was time for Lucy to interview Tatty Devine on how they made a success of creating their fabulous acrylic jewellery range.

Tatty Devine explain their success.

The ladies from Tatty Devine were really lovely and for starters, how amazing are their necklaces? it turns out the ladies came straight out of uni and paired up making jewellery together before their pieces were picked up by non other than Vogue magazine, which lead to an upward spiral, leading them to where they are today. How amazing?! these ladies are seriously inspirational.

It was a great evening of ice cream, fashion and entrepreneurial jewellery talks, what’s not to love?!

Check out tomorrow’s post where I discuss the style tips I learnt from Lucy, and how you can apply the same tips to shopping for your wedding or bridesmaid dresses.

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