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So as you may have read in yesterday’s post, I went to a Magnum style event on Thursday evening and was lucky enough to pick up some style tips from none other than former fashion editor of Stylist Magazine, Lucy Reber.

I thought, it might be a good idea to talk about style tips that you can apply to your bridesmaid dress or wedding dress shopping.

Bold style is something many people shy away from, out of fear of appearing ‘too out there’. Your wedding is the one occasion the day is all about you and your other half, so don’t be shy in terms of the dress you select. A bold piece will make you feel as fabulous as you are and make you feel a million dollars.

Keep an eye out for the latest bridal trends,

2017 has brought key bridal trends such as:

  • Subtle colour. Subtle colour has been huge this year, whether its a slight subtle dip dye or hazy subtly coloured motifs placed throughout. Brides once had a choice of white or ivory. This has now extended to a rainbow of colours that brighten up any wedding dress.
  • Bold Florals. If you’re looking for something bold and perhaps a bit dramatic, the bold floral trend is for you. The key is to opt for a classic print but not too patterned so it doesn’t overpower you. Keep accessories to a minimum if you opt for a bold print.
  • Sheer panels. If you’re looking to make a statement and are a bit more fashion forward, sheer panels are a great way to embrace a bold fashion sense. Sheer panels are a great way of showing a little skin without it being too much. The sheer panel trend gives brides the chance to show off their figure,
  • Long sleeves with lace detailing. For those who would rather keep their arms covered up a little, a long sleeve is perfect. Most long sleeves in this trend tend to be lace or a net type material meaning that it gives the illusion of more skin being on show than you actually have.

Bridesmaid dresses:

Well bridesmaid dresses can be a difficult one but one of the ways you can be bold with your bridesmaid dresses, is:

  • Different Colours. You don’t have to have all your bridesmaid dresses matching, instead you could opt for coloured dresses that compliment each other rather than all being the same. It’s not for everyone but particularly pastel colours can look delicious together and add a bit more vibrancy to your day.
  • Different dresses. It’s no secret that bridesmaids are all different shapes and sizes, so why not embrace it? in recent years, the trend for opting for different style of bridesmaid dresses in the same fabric has gone big. The colours remain the same but a subtle style different in each dress can just add a bit of creative flair in the fashion stakes.
  • Own shoes. Okay so it’s not a dress thing, but allowing your bridesmaids to each wear their own shoes means that every dress will look a little different. If you do opt for this option, it’s worth checking that they are all fairly similar as you don’t want any clashes going on.

Don’t be scared to reach out of your comfort zone to find your perfect dresses, whether its your wedding dress or otherwise. Remember you will always get the chance to try the dress on and if you don’t like it you can just opt for a different style, but if you don’t try that bold number you have your eye on, you’ll never know whether its the fabulous choice you need.

Let me know what style you would go for!

Vix X

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