Pre-Wedding Pamper Essentials.

It’s your wedding day, you only do it once. Well, hopefully.

Nobody wants to look back at their photographs and see brow fails, nail chips and tangerine tans. So i’ve put together my top six pamper essential list, so you won’t miss them. (It was going to be a pamper top 5 but I thought of one more ha)

  • Eyebrows. They frame our face, meaning they’re pretty damn important. I mean, who doesn’t look back at their school day brows and want the ground to swallow them whole?! yes because brows have the ability to make us look really pretty hideous if we get them wrong. Avoid brow fails by going to a brow stylist, or how the rest of us mere mortals know them, an eyebrow bar. Whether you are an avid fan of waxing or swear by threading, it’s a good idea to get your eyebrows seen to by an expert before your wedding day.
  • Nails. These days we have it lucky, we don’t necessarily have to opt for nails that should come with a chip warning. With gel and acrylic nails, you get the benefit of perfectly manicured hands, without having to walk around wearing gloves for fear of chipping them. If you are opting for gel or acrylics, get your hands and toenails done in the week before your wedding. That way they will last, not only for your big day, but also for the honeymoon (hopefully).
  • Tan. A healthy glow is always needed when you want to look your absolute best. Having a tan just makes you look that little bit healthier. Do make sure you do your research and go for a trial run. Nobody wants to mess tan up, the photo results will be something you can’t forget.
  • Hair. This one is pretty obvious, but if you colour your hair, make sure you have your roots freshly painted. Likewise, a nice dose of split end management in the form of a little trim is something that is a complete must ahead of your big day.
  • Skin. As you near your wedding day, nerves might start to take hold and you might find yourself a little stressed with last minute wedding prep to do. Remember to look after your skin, eat well and stay hydrated and even when you’re busy, carry around a bottle of water to make sure can hydrate on the run.
  • Wax. As much as they can hurt, they are worth it ahead of a big event. Nobody wants to spend their wedding morning shaving their legs. A wax will buy you a few weeks of silky smooth skin, well worth it for the peace of mind.

With these six essentials you can’t go far wrong,

Let me know what your top essentials are!

Vix X

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