The Wedding Playlist

Whether you are opting for a DJ or not, you need to spend some time considering your perfect wedding playlist. Not just for the reception, but for when you and your bridesmaids are getting ready.

This is often the forgotten part of getting married.

Picture this, you and the girls are getting ready with a couple of aunties, before long you all realise it’s a bit quiet. Cue Aunty Brenda to stick her 70s mix play list on and you getting ready with your ears bleeding from the terrible music she’s opted for. Now, call me weird, but on my wedding day this would drive me crazy. I would be really stressed out listening to music I didn’t like on a day when I needed to be kept nice and calm.

So I would suggest the best thing to do, is to be prepared. Make a getting ready playlist before you get to the location you are getting married in, and remember to take some half decent speakers with you. That way you can just put your playlist on and get into the mood to say ‘I do’.

You’re welcome!

Vix X


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