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Wedding planners can be absolutely brilliant when it comes to taking the load off your shoulders and planning your big day, but if it’s not something you want to consider, whether for financial reasons or otherwise that’s fair enough.

What if, however, you plan everything yourself but don’t want to be running round co-ordinating key parts of your own wedding on your big day? it’s the last thing you want to do on your wedding day and the stressful side of things won’t allow you to enjoy yourself as you should.

What’s the solution? well, in recent months, I’ve seen a bit of a trend emerging within my wider circle. That trend is for brides to hire help for their wedding day. No not traditional wedding help, in the form of catering or bar staff. But rather, somebody hired to co-ordinate the day and ensure that everything is where it should be, according to what the bride groom has booked.

How do you go about hiring somebody like that? well, you have a few options. You could approach a wedding or events planner who does this kind of thing professionally and might be willing to be paid for the day. Or you could ask more distant friends or colleagues (who wouldn’t usually be invited to the wedding) if they would be interested in a days work. The plus with this option is that you already know them and know they can be trusted to run the day as you would. Hiring somebody in will give you a peace of mind and stop you trying to get too involved in what’s happening in the there and then.

If like me, you work as a freelancer, you will have a network of people who may be available to work and fancy doing something a bit different for the day. If you really don’t know who you could ask, try a simple Facebook status post and ask who is available and who would be interested in working on your event. Sure enough, those interested will contact you and then it’s your choice.

Judging by friends of mine, this has been a great way to take the stress away and give somebody a days work on something a bit different.

Would you employ a friend or colleague to co-ordinate your wedding?

Vix X


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