So, you’re getting married…

I give you the million dollar question. What do you pack to help you on your big day?

Of course this is subjective, but I thought I’d come up with a list of my top ten handy bits that might come in very handy on your wedding day.

Photo Credit: Tangle Teezer

Tangle Teezer– So these slip in your bag, easy hair brushes are amazing at getting even the toughest of knots out. Use one after washing your hair on your big day to get your bonce knot free, before your hairdresser gets styling.

Kirby Grips– Well, these are always handy and even if you have a hairdresser to sort your do on the day, it’s always handy to have these little friends on you in case part of your hair unexpectedly comes loose from your ‘up do’.

Body Moisturiser- Nothing makes you feel more gorgeously groomed than moisturiser on silky, recently waxed legs. A great way to start your day feeling fabulous.Photo Credit: Pink by Victoria’s Secret

A lounge Outfit– While you and your bridesmaids are getting ready, you want to be wearing something comfy. My favourites are these ‘Pink’ by Victoria’s Secret lounge bottoms which I would pair with a vest top. These lounge pants are £49.96 for those of you interested, so you can relax in your comfiest get up, before spending the rest of the day in your wedding dress. Plus, they’re patterned which is perfect for disguising those pesky make up spillages were all guilty of.

Anti-Blister Stick– We’ve all been there, our shoes seem fairly comfy and then out of nowhere up pops an unsightly painful blister. Pre-empt the pain and arm yourself with a blister stick, easy to apply, glides on and leaves you blister free all day long. Perfect preparation for your first dance.

Photo Credit: Boots

Party Feet– If you’re wearing heels on the day, you literally, NEED these in your life. Keep painful feet at bay for much, much, longer and enjoy your day. They are a bargain at £4.99 from Boots.

Tissues- When you reach the alter and see your other half looking back at you in all their finery, it’s easy to imagine that you might get a bit emotional. Keep the make up damage to a minimum with a handy little pack of tissues to hand.Photo Credit: Mac Makeup

Pressed Powder- As the day goes on, its just natural to end up with more than a natural shine. Keep some translucent powder on you so you can top up with ease prevent the dreaded shine in your wedding photos. Find Translucent powder via the link above, £21.50 from Mac.Photo Credit: Havaianas

Flip Flops– For when you reach the point, where there’s nothing ‘Party Feet’ can do for you any more. Past that point of return, where the only way you can continue dancing, is to kick off your heels and replace them for your comfiest flip flops. It’s your wedding, you can do as you please after all. Check out these gorgeous bridal Havaianas, you can even customise them with a selection of three cute wedding pins. At £22 they’re well worth it to dance the night away in bridal style.

  • Fresh Mint– Because as a blushing bride, you will want to ooze style and perfection an with that comes fresh breath. Naturally.

So there you have it, those are my must haves for a carefree wedding day.

Let me know what your ‘must haves’ are.

Vix X



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