Puppy Love.

So I just read an article which made me very happy.

This particular article featured a couple who decided to ditch tradition in favour of puppies. Yes, puppies! There are few things these days that make me excited but puppies are definitely one of them!

As the bride volunteers at a dog shelter, she decided to ditch the bouquet for her bridal party in favour of puppies. This decision was to shine a spotlight on puppy adoption, promoting adoption instead of buying from breeders or pet shops.

I love this idea! Plus I can’t even explain how excited I would be if even a handful of puppies turned up to my wedding! Hello perfect guest entertainer! This would be SO perfect for the time between the ceremony and reception where everybody has a little time to kill while the reception is organised.

The couple also organised a donation to the shelter instead of their wedding favours. What a cute idea!

Anybody else currently re-writing their wedding day bucket list to include puppies?!

Vix X

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