Avoiding ‘Bridezilla’

Yes, wedding planning can be fun, it can be stressful and most of all it can be life consuming, but when does it all become too much?

If you’re finding yourself unable to think about anything else, and your friends have stopped replying to your Whatsapps, it’s probably time you stepped away from the wedding planner and had some ‘you time’.

As much as it’s lovely for friends to get excited for you, there is a line, and when you cross it you will experience the classic ‘eye glaze’. The moment your friend looks like she’s listening but she’s gone to a safe place to avoid any more talk of veils and wedding shoes. The lights are on but nobody is home.

When this happens you need a dose of fun in your life so forget the wedding talk, forget budgets and venues and head out to do whatever makes you laugh most with those you love most.

Life is too short to forget what’s important and besides, if you get too involved with wedding planning you are heading for an almighty bump back to earth as soon as the wedding is over. So do yourself a favour and keep it real.

You are only human and you’re not perfect, so stop trying to be, take the pressure off and enjoy the build up.

Vix X

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