Sorry guys

So I will admit, I’ve been a bit, well, very, rubbish this week on my blogging game. As you will already know if you visit my blog/Insta/Facebook, it was my birthday on Monday, following on from a great birthday weekend that my boyfriend planned. I ate SO much food and cake over the weekend and Monday, that I think I’ve been in a sugar coma this week, I must admit.

I would say I’ve been lazy, but work has been busy and I haven’t had a great deal of time on my hands. Between celebrating, working and looking for my next job (that’s the freelancing life for you) there hasn’t been much time for the blogosphere. So I thought I would come clean and just say ‘yup I’ve been rubbish this week’ 🙌💁

so apologies for the lack of content this week, I promise I will get back on my game and I will reveal all about my birthday weekend in my next post.

Vix X

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