Hey, I’m Vix and incase you haven’t realised it by now,  I Love Weddings.

I live just outside North London, in Hertfordshire and it’s always a bit of a running joke that when you live out here you always have to start by saying you live in North London or nobody knows where you’re talking about haha. I am born and bred in Hertfordshire, although I did spend my teenage years in North Wales, before moving back here seven years ago.

I live with my other half, and despite having spent my early 20s serial dating and failing miserably, it turned out I knew my man all along. We met when we were thirteen in Wales before disappearing and living our own lives for more than ten years, and we have now been together for just over two and a half years after going for a random drink one Christmas. Who Knew?! ha!

By day I work as a TV producer and I have produced some of the biggest UK TV shows. In particular, I have spent a large amount of my career working on wedding shows, which gave me a passion for all things weddings.

I learnt a lot working on TV wedding shows, and decided it would be great to share some of the tips and tricks with you, that i’ve learnt along the way! After all, i’ve always been the one at their friends engagement party, offering up wedding planning advice despite not ever having being married ha. (I’m sure i’ve raised some eyebrows).

Even though I have worked on countless weddings (good and bad), I still don’t know what kind of wedding I would like myself, so part of this blog is also me discovering more of my likes and dislikes to inspire me in future and to take me on a bit of a journey.

I’ve always lived by the motto if somebody else can do something, why can’t you? and you can apply the same thought process to planning your wedding. Don’t worry about what other people think, sparkle the fairy dust on and create the wedding you dream of.

I will be posting daily tips and thoughts on all things weddings. Do get in touch if you have any questions at all, I will be happy to answer, I love hearing your feedback!

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Happy Reading! X