Wedding Breakfast

Have you ever wondered why the meal following your wedding ceremony is known as a ‘wedding breakfast’?, Even if it takes place at 5pm?, me too! For a while now, I haven’t been able to understand where this term originated from. So in true Vixlovesweddings style, I decided i’d delve a bit deeper and find out where this comes from.

After some sustained research, *cough*, via Google searches ha, I have discovered that the meal that follows your wedding ceremony is known as a wedding breakfast as the name comes from past practices.

Previously wedding ceremonies were traditionally held after mass, which meant that the whole wedding party would fast before mass, so when they came to eat, albeit later on in the day, this was the bride and grooms first meal and thus was called the wedding breakfast, as the first meal of the day.

So there you have it, another yesteryear tradition that we still maintain to this day.

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So, you’re getting married…

I give you the million dollar question. What do you pack to help you on your big day?

Of course this is subjective, but I thought I’d come up with a list of my top ten handy bits that might come in very handy on your wedding day.

Photo Credit: Tangle Teezer

Tangle Teezer– So these slip in your bag, easy hair brushes are amazing at getting even the toughest of knots out. Use one after washing your hair on your big day to get your bonce knot free, before your hairdresser gets styling.

Kirby Grips– Well, these are always handy and even if you have a hairdresser to sort your do on the day, it’s always handy to have these little friends on you in case part of your hair unexpectedly comes loose from your ‘up do’.

Body Moisturiser- Nothing makes you feel more gorgeously groomed than moisturiser on silky, recently waxed legs. A great way to start your day feeling fabulous.Photo Credit: Pink by Victoria’s Secret

A lounge Outfit– While you and your bridesmaids are getting ready, you want to be wearing something comfy. My favourites are these ‘Pink’ by Victoria’s Secret lounge bottoms which I would pair with a vest top. These lounge pants are £49.96 for those of you interested, so you can relax in your comfiest get up, before spending the rest of the day in your wedding dress. Plus, they’re patterned which is perfect for disguising those pesky make up spillages were all guilty of.

Anti-Blister Stick– We’ve all been there, our shoes seem fairly comfy and then out of nowhere up pops an unsightly painful blister. Pre-empt the pain and arm yourself with a blister stick, easy to apply, glides on and leaves you blister free all day long. Perfect preparation for your first dance.

Photo Credit: Boots

Party Feet– If you’re wearing heels on the day, you literally, NEED these in your life. Keep painful feet at bay for much, much, longer and enjoy your day. They are a bargain at £4.99 from Boots.

Tissues- When you reach the alter and see your other half looking back at you in all their finery, it’s easy to imagine that you might get a bit emotional. Keep the make up damage to a minimum with a handy little pack of tissues to hand.Photo Credit: Mac Makeup

Pressed Powder- As the day goes on, its just natural to end up with more than a natural shine. Keep some translucent powder on you so you can top up with ease prevent the dreaded shine in your wedding photos. Find Translucent powder via the link above, £21.50 from Mac.Photo Credit: Havaianas

Flip Flops– For when you reach the point, where there’s nothing ‘Party Feet’ can do for you any more. Past that point of return, where the only way you can continue dancing, is to kick off your heels and replace them for your comfiest flip flops. It’s your wedding, you can do as you please after all. Check out these gorgeous bridal Havaianas, you can even customise them with a selection of three cute wedding pins. At £22 they’re well worth it to dance the night away in bridal style.

  • Fresh Mint– Because as a blushing bride, you will want to ooze style and perfection an with that comes fresh breath. Naturally.

So there you have it, those are my must haves for a carefree wedding day.

Let me know what your ‘must haves’ are.

Vix X



Wedding Make Up

So it’s easy to think your wedding make up can just be done on the day and you can just choose standard colours and jobs a ‘gooden’, so to speak. Well, I’d say, even if you’re not typically a ‘makeup person’, take the time to look into what colours and products you would like to use on your wedding day. Always opt for a make up trial, the last thing you want on your wedding day is to feel that you don’t look like yourself.

Until you try, you really won’t know what suits you and for such a big occasion you want to make sure you’re looking your absolute best.

If you do like your make up and you have your ‘absolute ultimate’ products that you can’t live without, you can always speak to your make up artist and mention that you have a preferred brand foundation, for example. Most of the time make up artists will be more than happy to incorporate products that will make you feel your most comfortable, so don’t just anxiously sit back as you have different make up applied.

That said, this highlights the need for your make up trial because this really is a great opportunity to discuss, in depth, your wants and needs and be able to come up with a ‘beauty plan’ for your big day. That way, you have had a chance to meet your make up artist and break the ice so you feel comfortable on the day, and also a chance to iron out any decisions that need to be made. Don’t just blag it on the day as you will have potentially limited time to get ready and the last thing you want to do is to have to redo your make up or have a mini make up melt down.

Think ahead and avoid the headache.

Vix X

Wedding Fair Season is nearly here!

Photo credit: The National Wedding Show.

As the summer whizzes by at lightening speed, and Autumn is getting close by the day, wedding fair season looms, starting off in September with the big one. Yes it’s The National Wedding Show!

So are you going to go to any wedding Fairs this year?

I feel like attending a wedding fair after you’re engaged is like a rite of passage. They’re great fun to attend and they do give you ideas on what suppliers to consider for your wedding day.

There is usually a scheduled fashion show so you can also see the latest array of bridal couture on offer and become up to date on the latest wedding trends and bridal brands.

They’re not expensive to attend so what’s not to love. I would recommend gathering your girls and make a fun packed day of it.

I went when I was casting Celebrity Wedding Planner a few years ago and I also ended up with epic amounts of galaxy freebies. Just saying… get yourself there.

But on a serious note, they really do help to give you ideas and there are often bargains to be had. Many of the wedding show suppliers will offer exclusive discounts and advise on how to book so even if you’re just going for a look around, you could leave with far more useful information than you bargained for.

This years show features a flower market, great for finding those perfect bridal flowers, there is a style stage where you can get top tips on how to choose your perfect wedding dress, a champagne bar and wedding catwalk displaying an array of great wedding designers.

For a little more money you can treat yourself and go VIP! VIP tickets will get you a goody bag, reserved seating at The Catwalk, fast track entry to the show and a complimentary glass of bubbly! If you’re attending for a special occasion or even just for a day out, if you want to make a day of it, the VIP experience could just make your day.

The National Wedding Show dates and locations are as follows:

London 22nd-24th September, London Olympia.

London 21st-22nd October, ExCeL.

Birmingham 29th September- 1st October. NEC Birmingham.

Manchester 28th-29th October. Manchester Central, Manchester.

Tickets are now on sale via the website, so do check it out and see if you can make one of the dates near you.

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Registry Office Weddings- Would You?

I recently read an article about a couple who managed to plan their wedding for under £150. I can see your jaws hitting the floor. It’s true, in today’s wedding world that is an astronomically low price to pay for your big day.

This particular couple were married in a registry office in a small ceremony with close friends and family. It sounds great, surrounded by those close to you. But would you want this kind of low key day?

As much as I can totally see the financial benefits, I feel like the big day is something you hopefully only do once. I believe you  regret the things you didn’t do in life far more than what you did.

Nobody wants to look back regretting they didn’t push the boat out. That said, that’s no disrespect to registry offices, there are some truly stunning registry offices and in some ways they truly are the unsung hero of the wedding world. Depending on your local registry office, they tend to have beautiful rooms, enough room for your guests but more of a subtle no frills approach.

I just got back from a lush big white wedding in Ireland and It confirmed to me that ‘if you’re going to do it- do it properly’.  The big celebration just seems like so much fun and although smaller intimate weddings can be equally as lovely, I think I’d like to stick to a big white wedding, or something a bit similar to the photo above, how cool does this wedding look?!

What would YOU do?

Vix X


Hiring Help

Wedding planners can be absolutely brilliant when it comes to taking the load off your shoulders and planning your big day, but if it’s not something you want to consider, whether for financial reasons or otherwise that’s fair enough.

What if, however, you plan everything yourself but don’t want to be running round co-ordinating key parts of your own wedding on your big day? it’s the last thing you want to do on your wedding day and the stressful side of things won’t allow you to enjoy yourself as you should.

What’s the solution? well, in recent months, I’ve seen a bit of a trend emerging within my wider circle. That trend is for brides to hire help for their wedding day. No not traditional wedding help, in the form of catering or bar staff. But rather, somebody hired to co-ordinate the day and ensure that everything is where it should be, according to what the bride groom has booked.

How do you go about hiring somebody like that? well, you have a few options. You could approach a wedding or events planner who does this kind of thing professionally and might be willing to be paid for the day. Or you could ask more distant friends or colleagues (who wouldn’t usually be invited to the wedding) if they would be interested in a days work. The plus with this option is that you already know them and know they can be trusted to run the day as you would. Hiring somebody in will give you a peace of mind and stop you trying to get too involved in what’s happening in the there and then.

If like me, you work as a freelancer, you will have a network of people who may be available to work and fancy doing something a bit different for the day. If you really don’t know who you could ask, try a simple Facebook status post and ask who is available and who would be interested in working on your event. Sure enough, those interested will contact you and then it’s your choice.

Judging by friends of mine, this has been a great way to take the stress away and give somebody a days work on something a bit different.

Would you employ a friend or colleague to co-ordinate your wedding?

Vix X


The Wedding Playlist

Whether you are opting for a DJ or not, you need to spend some time considering your perfect wedding playlist. Not just for the reception, but for when you and your bridesmaids are getting ready.

This is often the forgotten part of getting married.

Picture this, you and the girls are getting ready with a couple of aunties, before long you all realise it’s a bit quiet. Cue Aunty Brenda to stick her 70s mix play list on and you getting ready with your ears bleeding from the terrible music she’s opted for. Now, call me weird, but on my wedding day this would drive me crazy. I would be really stressed out listening to music I didn’t like on a day when I needed to be kept nice and calm.

So I would suggest the best thing to do, is to be prepared. Make a getting ready playlist before you get to the location you are getting married in, and remember to take some half decent speakers with you. That way you can just put your playlist on and get into the mood to say ‘I do’.

You’re welcome!

Vix X


Pre-Wedding Pamper Essentials.

It’s your wedding day, you only do it once. Well, hopefully.

Nobody wants to look back at their photographs and see brow fails, nail chips and tangerine tans. So i’ve put together my top six pamper essential list, so you won’t miss them. (It was going to be a pamper top 5 but I thought of one more ha)

  • Eyebrows. They frame our face, meaning they’re pretty damn important. I mean, who doesn’t look back at their school day brows and want the ground to swallow them whole?! yes because brows have the ability to make us look really pretty hideous if we get them wrong. Avoid brow fails by going to a brow stylist, or how the rest of us mere mortals know them, an eyebrow bar. Whether you are an avid fan of waxing or swear by threading, it’s a good idea to get your eyebrows seen to by an expert before your wedding day.
  • Nails. These days we have it lucky, we don’t necessarily have to opt for nails that should come with a chip warning. With gel and acrylic nails, you get the benefit of perfectly manicured hands, without having to walk around wearing gloves for fear of chipping them. If you are opting for gel or acrylics, get your hands and toenails done in the week before your wedding. That way they will last, not only for your big day, but also for the honeymoon (hopefully).
  • Tan. A healthy glow is always needed when you want to look your absolute best. Having a tan just makes you look that little bit healthier. Do make sure you do your research and go for a trial run. Nobody wants to mess tan up, the photo results will be something you can’t forget.
  • Hair. This one is pretty obvious, but if you colour your hair, make sure you have your roots freshly painted. Likewise, a nice dose of split end management in the form of a little trim is something that is a complete must ahead of your big day.
  • Skin. As you near your wedding day, nerves might start to take hold and you might find yourself a little stressed with last minute wedding prep to do. Remember to look after your skin, eat well and stay hydrated and even when you’re busy, carry around a bottle of water to make sure can hydrate on the run.
  • Wax. As much as they can hurt, they are worth it ahead of a big event. Nobody wants to spend their wedding morning shaving their legs. A wax will buy you a few weeks of silky smooth skin, well worth it for the peace of mind.

With these six essentials you can’t go far wrong,

Let me know what your top essentials are!

Vix X

Wedding Style

So as you may have read in yesterday’s post, I went to a Magnum style event on Thursday evening and was lucky enough to pick up some style tips from none other than former fashion editor of Stylist Magazine, Lucy Reber.

I thought, it might be a good idea to talk about style tips that you can apply to your bridesmaid dress or wedding dress shopping.

Bold style is something many people shy away from, out of fear of appearing ‘too out there’. Your wedding is the one occasion the day is all about you and your other half, so don’t be shy in terms of the dress you select. A bold piece will make you feel as fabulous as you are and make you feel a million dollars.

Keep an eye out for the latest bridal trends,

2017 has brought key bridal trends such as:

  • Subtle colour. Subtle colour has been huge this year, whether its a slight subtle dip dye or hazy subtly coloured motifs placed throughout. Brides once had a choice of white or ivory. This has now extended to a rainbow of colours that brighten up any wedding dress.
  • Bold Florals. If you’re looking for something bold and perhaps a bit dramatic, the bold floral trend is for you. The key is to opt for a classic print but not too patterned so it doesn’t overpower you. Keep accessories to a minimum if you opt for a bold print.
  • Sheer panels. If you’re looking to make a statement and are a bit more fashion forward, sheer panels are a great way to embrace a bold fashion sense. Sheer panels are a great way of showing a little skin without it being too much. The sheer panel trend gives brides the chance to show off their figure,
  • Long sleeves with lace detailing. For those who would rather keep their arms covered up a little, a long sleeve is perfect. Most long sleeves in this trend tend to be lace or a net type material meaning that it gives the illusion of more skin being on show than you actually have.

Bridesmaid dresses:

Well bridesmaid dresses can be a difficult one but one of the ways you can be bold with your bridesmaid dresses, is:

  • Different Colours. You don’t have to have all your bridesmaid dresses matching, instead you could opt for coloured dresses that compliment each other rather than all being the same. It’s not for everyone but particularly pastel colours can look delicious together and add a bit more vibrancy to your day.
  • Different dresses. It’s no secret that bridesmaids are all different shapes and sizes, so why not embrace it? in recent years, the trend for opting for different style of bridesmaid dresses in the same fabric has gone big. The colours remain the same but a subtle style different in each dress can just add a bit of creative flair in the fashion stakes.
  • Own shoes. Okay so it’s not a dress thing, but allowing your bridesmaids to each wear their own shoes means that every dress will look a little different. If you do opt for this option, it’s worth checking that they are all fairly similar as you don’t want any clashes going on.

Don’t be scared to reach out of your comfort zone to find your perfect dresses, whether its your wedding dress or otherwise. Remember you will always get the chance to try the dress on and if you don’t like it you can just opt for a different style, but if you don’t try that bold number you have your eye on, you’ll never know whether its the fabulous choice you need.

Let me know what style you would go for!

Vix X

Thursday Evening Style Talks

So if you’ve seen my Twitter or Instagram lately, it’s no secret that I went to The Magnum ‘Daring in Fashion’ Trend Talks with former Stylist Magazine fashion editor, Lucy Reber.  I arrived after work a little flustered if the truth be told, I got lost en route and was stressing out that I was going to miss the start. Luckily my Google Maps got me there in plenty of time (thank god for phones) and I was soon greeted by a non-alcoholic raspberry cocktail (it was a school night after all).

My first port of call, was of course to join the personalised Magnum queue, I mean hello amazing double coated magnum with peanut butter coating and a raspberry and hibiscus topping. I’m always the first in the food queue anyway, but I was there like a rat up a drain pipe ha.

The Perfect Magnum combination.

Once I had my Magnum in hand, I sat excitedly with fellow bloggers Sanoobar from Sanoobar Unscripted and Jess from Jessica Tigerlily. It was lovely to see the ladies and we were all excited to hear what Lucy had to say about her style. As former fashion editor of Stylist Magazine, we couldn’t wait to hear her thoughts on the upcoming fashion season.

Lucy Reber former fashion editor of Stylist Magazine talks us through daring fashion through the ages.

It was great to see Lucy talking in person. As a well respected editor in the fashion community, I was looking forward to taking away some style tips. Lucy spoke of how bold and daring fashion has always been a talking point at the forefront of the media, from the post-war era straight through to that Madonna outfit, everybody knows.

Lucy talks through AW17 trends.

Lucy’s talk was really insightful and she gave us a bit of a sneak preview into upcoming trends for autumn/winter this year. The theme seemed to be bold colours teamed with subtle pieces to complete an overall striking look.

Retro 70s was another theme discussed during Lucy’s talk.

So it turns out the 70’s are going to be making a comeback come autumn/winter. Lucy’s top tip was to include a retro piece with some plainer staple items to make a statement, but so that your look isn’t overbearing.

Once Lucy had finished giving us the fashion inspiration we needed, it was time for Lucy to interview Tatty Devine on how they made a success of creating their fabulous acrylic jewellery range.

Tatty Devine explain their success.

The ladies from Tatty Devine were really lovely and for starters, how amazing are their necklaces? it turns out the ladies came straight out of uni and paired up making jewellery together before their pieces were picked up by non other than Vogue magazine, which lead to an upward spiral, leading them to where they are today. How amazing?! these ladies are seriously inspirational.

It was a great evening of ice cream, fashion and entrepreneurial jewellery talks, what’s not to love?!

Check out tomorrow’s post where I discuss the style tips I learnt from Lucy, and how you can apply the same tips to shopping for your wedding or bridesmaid dresses.

Vix X